Samarco II Café Brasserie

Herb, Garlic & Parmesan Bread   $8.00
Cheesy Garlic Ciabatta   $12.00
Pane Bruschetta
w. truss tomato & basil   $8.00
w. avocado, tomato & feta   $12.00
Turkish Bread
w. balsamic & olive oil, and two dips of the day
Trio of Dips w. pita wafers   $10.00
Mexican Potato Skins (GF)
w. cheese, guacamole, sour cream and tomato salsa
Vegetarian Mezze Share Plate
w. porcini mushroom arancini, crumbed camembert & cream cheese stuffed jalapenos w. Turkish bread & hommus
Slow Cooked Mezze Share Plate
w. chicken lollypops, lamb koftas & beef meatballs w. Turkish bread & hommus
Entrees & Salads
Soup of the Day
w. a piece of herb, garlic & parmesan bread
Szechuan Duck Spring Rolls
w. cucumber salad & chilli plum jam
Nasi Goreng (GF)
w. Indonesian fried rice and satay chicken skewers   Entrée $18.00
Main $30.00
Cajun Crumbed Calamari
w. salad only   Entrée $18.00
w. fries & salad   Main $30.00
Traditional Caesar Salad (GF*)   $18.00
Chicken Caesar Salad (GF*)   $22.00
Garlic Prawn Caesar Salad (GF*)   $26.00
Crispy Garden Salad (GF)   $8.00
Seasonal Stir Fried Vegetables (GF)   $10.00
Samarco Fries   $8.00
Mushroom sauce   extra $4.00
Sweet chilli & sour cream   extra $3.50
Aioli   extra $1.50
Slow Cooked Winter Warmers
Sticky BBQ Pork Ribs
w. sweet potato wedges & coleslaw
Chipotle Wagyu Beef Brisket
w. Paris mash, chorizo, baby boutique vegetables
Lamb Shanks
w. Paris mash, baby boutique vegetable & port wine & balsamic glaze
Pasta, Rice, Noodles
Traditional Lasagne
w. Samarco fries and salad
Penne Vegetarian (V)
w. eggplant, pumpkin, onion, mushroom, zucchini and napoletana sauce
Fettuccini Pesto
w. char grilled chicken, avocado and pesto cream
Vegetarian Pappardelle (V)
w. mild chilli, garlic, olive oil, crispy haloumi, snow peas, pumpkin, spinach, grape tomato, pine nuts (parmesan optional)
Porcini & Forest Mushroom Gnocchi (V)
w. truffle oil & parmesan
Pumpkin Gnocchi (V)
w. roasted pumpkin, wilted spinach & pine nuts
King Prawn & Sea Scallop Risotto (GF)
w. mushrooms, spinach & preserved lemon cream
Hokkien Noodles
w. stir fried vegetables and honey soy sauce
w. vegetables only (V) or chicken   $22.00
w. prawns   $24.00
King Prawn Chorizo Fettuccini
w. basil, sun-dried tomato pesto, rocket & parmesan
Spaghetti Marinara
w. prawns, scallops, calamari, mussels and octopus
Olive oil and garlic sauce or Napoletana sauce
Main Meals
Garlic Prawns & Potato Crab Cakes (GF)
w. coriander pesto cream & chilli tomato jam
Catch of the Day (GF)
w. sand crab bruschetta crust, Paris mash, broccolini & cauliflower puree
Twice Cooked 5 Spice BBQ Pork Belly (GF)
w. sea scallops, lardon pea puree, caramelized baby vegetables & star anise glaze
Veal Scallopini Al Funghi
w. Paris mash, boutique vegetables & white wine mushroom sauce
Macadamia Chicken, Prawns and Avocado Stack
w. Paris mash, boutique vegetables & garlic & white wine cream
Cape Grim Rump Steak (grass fed, 300g) (GF*)
w. Paris mash, boutique vegetables, w. mushroom, pepper or red wine sauce
Eye fillet (120 days grain fed 200g) (GF*)
w. Paris mash, boutique vegetables, w. mushroom, pepper or red wine sauce
OP Rib (60 days grain fed 400g) (GF*)
w. Paris mash, boutique vegetables, w. mushroom, pepper or red wine sauce
(GF) - Gluten Free; (GF*) - Gluten Free available on request; (V) - Vegetarian
Effective May, 2018
Please advise wait staff of any allergies
Subject to change without notice